My Weekly Wins #8

My Weekly Wins #8

My weekly wins are a little early this week as tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I’m sure you’ll all be busy. I’m actually spending it at two year old’s birthday party. Also, I’m nursing a migraine and words may fail me soon! This week has been pretty busy on the blog front so I might bore those who don’t work in digital comms or the blogosphere, but stay with me folks!


Blog admin beaten

So it’s been a week focused on blog admin for me as the General Data Protection Regulation implementation in the UK looms. For those who haven’t heard of this, it basically means that you have greater rights to how your information is used when you provide it to a business or an organisation that processes your data for any reason. When you use a website like this one, there is some information you provide when you complete certain activities. For example, you give your email address or name to verify who you are when you comment. I’ve had a detailed privacy policy and cookies policy  in place for some time, but this week I’ve ramped things up by including a disclaimer for you to tick when you leave a comment and a request form to see what personal data you have provided on this site. This will automatically send you a list of places on the site that you have provided your data, like in comments, and you have the option to delete it.  I know that this all feels overwhelming for many bloggers and can seem a little heavy handed, but ultimately I think it’s probably a good thing as nobody wants to get spammed with content they don’t want or have their information used for anything other than the stated purpose. I’m still unsure if I have to register with the Information Commissioner Office but I’ve pinged them an email so I’ll see what happens. You don’t have to register if your website is for recreation but I’m not sure if blogs necessarily do in all circumstances.


Author website new and improved

I began blogging in 2013, initially on a Blogger site and then moving to WordPress. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything on my old author website/ blog as I haven’t got much time to write novels amongst everything else. I hope that will change as I still have one project on the back burner – a modern detective thriller with a strong female lead called Murder in Marshwick. Anyway, I needed to ensure that this site would be GDPR compliant and doing it without being self hosted was quite tricky. My domain name was also due to expire so I needed to buy it or go back to using another name which would mean lots of broken links blah blah blah

It was cheaper to buy my domain and transfer it over to my current provider Kloudhost* who have been brilliant at managing this site for me. Their hosting package is brilliant with a starter package for TWO websites starting at £2.99 per month.  They set up a new  website for me and transferred all my posts and content over for free.  It was all done within hours.

I am very impressed. If you haven’t visited me on my author blog pop over later and let me know what you think.

International Women’s Day Rocked

I was amazed by the love and support that women across the world showed each other on Thursday, not to mention the supportive comments from men too. I did have one attempt at trolling me, but for some reason they didn’t carry on when I replied with a Buffy the Vampire Slayer gif saying “Are you okay?”. Someone along the line reported it as spam so we get to benefit from his weird rant about men being subjugated. Trolls don’t seem to fare very well with me – more on that in post next week!  But on the whole there was a lot of love and I was singled out with some other amazing bloggers by Tots100  as someone to follow which was fantastic! I encourage you all to go through the list and follow some of the wonderful blogs included. I’ve also posted a lot this week about what IWD and feminism means to me so please do go back and check those posts out.


Well short and sweet I know but I’m off to take some drugs and have a lay down in a dark room. Have fun tomorrow mums, and don’ t forget to post your weekly wins and highlights in the comment as usual. I love reading them!


*Link contains affialite links. This means I will earn a small payment if you decide to purchase a product from the company.


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