The Wicked Uncle Challenge – A Review of Toddler Toys

The Wicked Uncle Challenge – A Review of Toddler Toys

So I recently joined in with the Wicked Uncle Challenge for bloggers to review some of their great toys in time for Christmas. I happily signed up as I’m always looking for great gifts for toddlers and I’ve bought products from them in the past.


I love that you can navigate the Wicked Uncle website by age.  It’s helpful as I have kids from age 1 to 8 to buy for. They have toys I can’t find on the high street and the quality is always amazing.

I had a budget of £40 to spend and with this I was able to buy a Dinosaur Wooden Cube Puzzle and the  ABC Wooden Play Bus

Delivery was within 2 days which is good.  As part of the challenge I had to do my review pre Christmas so there was no saving these for then, but as I’ve already paid for Christmas from my cashback earnings I don’t feel too bad. It’s been a stressful few weeks in our household and we all deserve a treat!

So first up, what did we think of the dinosaur puzzle?

I think it’s great. It has four different ways of putting it together which means you get four different images. The rods which the cubes go on have a bit of wiggle room so not too hard to get the cubes on – for me anyway. Small Boy is two and he struggled a bit but he is super impatient and I’m reasonably sure in time he’ll get the hang of it. He did get a frustrated as the cubes are smaller than similar puzzles he has so he flounced off for a bit. But he returned to it later in a calmer mood and seemed to enjoy it – even if the pictures didn’t quite make sense. But hey, he’s two and these toys are going to be here for the long haul. The quality is great. Much better than most I see on the high street.

The winner though is definitely the ABC Play Bus.


I was very pleasantly surprised by this and although I’ve shopped in Wicked Uncle for a while, the quality is very high. It’s a hybrid of toy bus (great in itself) and learn to spell puzzle. You have 26 wooden characters and you have to put them into their relevant seat on the bus according to the letter their name begins with. It’s well made, beautifully painted and Small Boy is loving putting the characters in, even though he doesn’t necessarily put them in the right places yet. I see this toy having a long shelf life in our house. It’s also a nice change from a lot of the phonics toys we have to help learn spelling and speech.


On this occasion Wicked Uncle gets a solid 10/10 from me.  The only downside is now I’m going to have to order again for the other kids in my family!


*I was provided a credit for the online store in order to provide an honest, unbiased review of its products.


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