My favourite new shoes courtesy of XYLondon

My favourite new shoes courtesy of XYLondon


I’m doing my best at the moment to be appreciative of things. Life is so crazy that sometimes you don’t stop and notice the satisfaction things give you. I recently decluttered in line with the Kon Marie method. It’s basically the principal of getting rid of things that have no practical use, are used regularly and don’t spark joy. It really is an eye opener and if you haven’t read any of Marie Kondo’s books on this I would recommend them.

So as a way to keep me on track I wanted to stop and remind myself of some things that are sparking joy in my life right now. I stress things rather than people or experiences as I think that’s probably a given!

Great shoes always make me happy, while poor fitting or inappropriate footwear drives me bananas. If I get a good pair of shoes that I love I have a tendency to build a whole wardrobe around them. I’ve recently built a whole new work wardrobe around a particular pair of brown lace ups!

For me, shoes should be comfortable but fun and say something about you. It’s probably why I’m in love with my new Allison Grey Suede Trainers from XY London.

I was looking for a new pair of everyday trainers or shoes, as my other big brand ones are on their last legs – no pun intended. They’ve served me well but not really suitable for soft play. As anyone who has ever been to soft play with a toddler knows, there are times when you can’t get your shoes off quick enough. I don’t have time to faff about with laces when I’ve a two year old running away from me.

My XY trainers are brilliant for that. Not only do they have laces which ensure you have a snug fit (unlike many slip on trainers), these have a zip on the side so you can have those things off and be running around after your child in no time at all.

There are two other things I love about these shoes. It’s not all about soft play and the practicalities of being a mum to a toddler.

First, I love the price tag! I was provided these shoes by XY so I could review them, but at £19.99 I honestly wouldn’t think twice about buying another pair in a different colour! I don’t mind paying for good shoes, but I do object to spending huge money on a pair of trainers which I’m not actually going to be doing sport in.

The second thing which is great is that they’re versatile.  That’s perfect for me as I tend to be running from one event or activity to another, usually with a coffee in hand but without opportunity to change or freshen up. These trainers really do transition well from one activity to another. They’re practical and comfortable, but they’re also super stylish and cute.

Usually with trainers I feel like I’ve just forgotten to change after the gym, but these really do work well with dresses, skirts, trousers and more. If you’re like me and have to pick a lot into your day, you need a shoe that is for all the mums you are – the worker, the soft play fiend, the gal pal meeting for a coffee while your child sleeps in a buggy. Comfort doesn’t mean you have to feel frumpy.

I haven’t bought any other XY London shoes yet but I’ll definitely be scrolling through their site to see what else I can buy. They seem to have every style and colour you can imagine!


*The product was supplied by the brand for the purposes of review. This does not influence my opinion which remains honest and impartial*


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